is an emancipatory gesture to (re)invent dances of an imaginary archipelago in the Indian Ocean somewhere between India and Indonesia

This long-term artistic research project comprises a series of ongoing Studies, as well as periodic public Exhibits and Transmissions.

#1  Unpacking Archipelegic Thought
#2  Mapping an Art-Anthropology Nexus
#3  Tracing Movements in/on the Indian Ocean
#4  Tracing Siva’s dances along the Kaveri Delta
#5  Unpacking the Ritual-Spiritual Complex
#6  Tracing the Alus in Central Java
#7  Inhabiting Shape
#8  Imagining Ekalavya
#9  Unpacking the Exhibitory Complex
#10 Unpacking the Transmitory Complex
#11 Saluting the Sun
#12 Mapping Body/Mapping Mind
#13 Inhabiting Music

#1  Dear Dead Dancer
#2  Sky & Sea
#3  8 poems in word/sound/image
#4  being (all duration is poetry)

#1  Inhabiting Shape
#2  Expanded Writing
#3  Knowing of Cultures/Cultures of Knowing
#4  Dancing in the Dark: Dialogues on the aesthetics and politics of invisibility

(b.1983, Bangalore)
An interdisciplinary artist and researcher, Kiran’s work focuses on the intersection of artistic and scientific modes of articulation of dance.Following initial study in mechanical engineering at the National University of Singapore, Kiran holds an MFA in new media art from the City University of Hong Kong and an MA in dance from the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. His research projects have been supported by the National Arts Council Singapore's Research and Development Grant and the Volkswagen Foundation's (Germany) Arts and Science in Motion program. Currently he is an Associate Member at the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences.

Kiran Kumar
Raum 209, Universität der Künste Berlin
Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin, Germany
Email: connect(at)archipelagoarchives(dot)com