Unpacking Archipelic Thought

Your idea of ‘Archipelic Thought’ imprinted on me the moment I encountered it.

That was a year after your death, in 2012, through the words of Hans Ulrich Obrist in a slim booklet, number 38 of the dOCUMENTA13 series 100Notes-100Thoughts.

He says it is “an antithesis to continental thought”.
You say: “I can change through exchange with the other, without losing or diluting my sense of self.”
He says that the “world is urgently in need of more translations of (your) writings into different languages.”

Since 2015 I began dancing between India, Indonesia and the island of Singapore in-between. In the time since then I have come to see, not without exasperation, that the Indian Ocean is indeed urgently in need of more Carribean currents.

(Exceprts from letters to Édouard Glissant)
Image: Island on Lake Chilika (Orissa)