“Every era has to reinvent the project of "spirituality" for itself ..
In the modern era, one of the most active metaphors for the spiritual project is "art"."

- Susan Sontag, Aesthetics of Silence (1967)

an artistic research into the collaborative potential of ritual, spiritual and digital practices and discourses for the 21st century.

At a juncture where the vulnerability of human and planetary health have been foregrounded, and where the digital turn risks being enacted uncritically along a linear progressive model, it is imperative to ask: unlike its industrial counterpart, can the digital milieu expressly refute the vectors of violence motored by colonialism?
This research proposes that digital practices and discourses open up decolonial dialogues with Indic ritual and spiritual practices that offer already-ecologized ways-of-being (human or other-wise) in the world.

Supported by
2023 TanzDigital III, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland
2023 Media art fellowship, Medienwerk.NRW