there I have been

Essay-Travelogue, Video/Reading, 40 minutes

Excerpt (use headphones for a better experience)
This travelogue unfolds anecdotes, recollections, fantasies, documents and manifestos from travels across parts of the Kāverī delta and Central Java where the time-wheel is still manually turned through ritual, song and dance. Composed (in confidence for W.G.Sebald, 1944-2001) as 24 time-pieces, the essay revisits some (of the German writer’s) frequented themes: memories, histories, biographies, fictions and photographs.
2020 Art Alone Together - Edition 2, Online Festival
2020 Kampni Kutcheri, NIKC, Bengaluru
2019 Tantrotsav, Kalarigram, Puducherry
2018 “What if it won’t stop here?”, Archive Books