Dear Dead Doctor

Essay-Performance, work-in-progress

This is a letter to my late paternal grandfather, A.M. Sivaraman (1902-1976). In 2016 I chanced upon one of his personal diaries; the many blank pages at the end of that diary call out to me to reach out to him for the first time. He was the first to be educated as a doctor of allopathic medicine in his family, a field in which my father and sister would follow, until it finds discontinuity in me, a dancer. But it would be naive to consider this the first discontinuity here for, in order to study western medicine, the doctor would have had to disinherit extant Indic knowledges of the human body-mind. The work wonders if his progeny could in turn re-inherit these knowledges through an artistic-scientific engagement with traditions of yoga and temple dance. The address to the doctor is conceived in the theatrical voice and digital presence of his great-great-grandchild, a parthenogenetic, proto-progenic being, materialized via digital holography.
To be developed in residency at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality, Dortmund (2021).